Cabernet Sauvignon

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Cabernet Sauvignon is a dry red wine with a black pepper and cherry character, and a firm tannin structure.  The bold structure makes this a perfect accompaniment to red meats and grilled foods. 









This big, soft red wine shows the right balance between fruitiness and dryness. If you were to age a red wine this would be the end result, a big jammy berry fruit flavor with a subtle backbone of tannin. We have designed this wine so you do not have to wait five years to enjoy a great glass of red wine. Serve this wine with chicken, red meats, or pasta.





The name (merit+heritage) was coined by a small group of American winemakers to identify premium handcrafted wines blended from the traditional noble Bordeaux grape varietals. From this the Meritage Association was formed in 1988.

In January as the winemaker was preparing red blends for the coming year, it was soon noted that a blend of these three varieties was superior to any of the wines by themselves. The Cabernet Franc contributes the black cherry fruit flavor, the Cabernet Sauvignon gives a black pepper quality, and the Merlot contributes a light earthy fruit character. As expected, no one variety stands out; they all work together to create a harmonious blend of flavors that complement each other.

Ruby Red

Ruby Red.png

Ruby Red is a dry and fruity wine … A great value priced red wine designed for the new red wine drinker, light and fresh, without heavy tannins. Use this wine for informal occasions or as an accompaniment for foods with lightly seasoned sauces.





Merlot is a full bodied deep red wine with a distinct black fruit & berry flavor.  The wine has a mild tannin structure and a smooth finish, which makes the wine perfect when served by itself or with beef, pork, chicken, or flavorful tomato sauces.

Mulled Wine

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Mulled Wine is a blend of red wine combined with cinnamon, clove and orange. Warm in a crock-pot on low, garnish with a cinnamon stick and a dollop of whipped cream. Great for those cold winter nights.





Party Sangria is a blend of white and red wine combined with orange, lemon, lime and cinnamon. This is a lightly sweet wine designed for immediate consumption and does not benefit from bottle ageing. Serve on ice with fruit and a splash of soda water.

Soft Red

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Soft Red (formerly Briarwood Red) is a blend of fruity red wine that is soft and easy to drink. This is a lightly sweet wine designed for immediate consumption and does not benefit from bottle aging.

South Shore

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South Shore is loaded with a rich cherry and chocolate character.  This flavorful dessert wine makes a great after dinner drink to be enjoyed by itself or with a flavorful cheese, such as an aged Stilton.



Chardonnay Reserve

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Chardonnay Reserve is a dry white wine that was fermented and aged for 5 months in small oak barrels.  The peach and melon character of the Chardonnay grape is complimented by the toasty vanilla from the barrel.  Serve this wine with chicken or pork with creamy sauces.





Riesling is a semi-dry white wine with crisp acidity that is balanced by a touch of natural grape sugar. Some of the best Rieslings from North America come from Michigan, and our’s rank right up there. Riesling’s light, refreshing character makes it a perfect accompaniment to seafood, chicken, and spicy Cajun and Thai dishes. It is also an excellent choice for serving with cheese and fruit.






Demi-Sec is our most popular wine – one taste and you will know why. A fresh semi-dry German style white wine bursting with floral and apple fruit character that is sure to delight the senses. Serve with cheese or just by itself.

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio.png



Pinot Grigio is a clean crisp dry white wine made in the classic Italian style. Fermented in stainless steel, the delicate fruit characters derived solely from the ripe berries are enhanced allowing apple and peach flavors to become forward on the palate with no lingering after taste. Great with seafood, poultry or pork.





Moscato is an aromatic white wine, bursting with the aroma and taste of oranges & orange blossoms, and lychee fruit.  The intense fruit character is balanced with a slight sweetness.  Serve with fruit salads, desserts, or by itself.




Edelzwicker literally means noble blend. It is premium blend of Riesling and Traminette. This blend originated in the Alsace region of northeastern France and is a great example of a high quality blend grown and produced in the Lake Michigan Shore Appellation.

Our ability to grow these noble wine grapes true to their heritage makes this wine world class quality. Nearly dry with rose petal and honeysuckle in the nose, clean and fruity with a touch of spice on the palate, and a medium long floral finish makes this wine very well suited for food pairing, particularly with lightly spiced Asian foods.






White is a nearly dry and fruity Chablis style wine. It is a great everyday wine designed to complement a variety of foods. The melon and tropical fruit character make this wine a perfect companion for cheese, fish, chicken, and pork.

Soft White

Soft White.png

Soft White is a sweet white table wine made for those who do not like the harsh taste of a dry white wine. We recommend chilling this wine prior to serving.



Peach & Honey









This unique wine is slightly spicy with hints and peach and honey.









The perfect combination of wine and cranberries. Serve this wine on it’s own, or as a fun component of a mixed drink. The tartness of the cranberry pairs extremely well with sweet white wine.

Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine.png




A true fruit wine made from fresh Michigan grown cherries that captures the intense fruit and color of this favorite fruit. The powerful fruit aroma fills the senses with the fragrance of ripe cherries and the crisp tartness of the natural fruit is captured in this lightly sweet bright red wine. Serve with your favorite chocolate dessert or mix with white and sparkling wines.



Rosé is a delightful “blush” style wine with plenty of fresh fruit character. Serve chilled with cherished friends and stimulating conversation.


Specialty Wines

Ice Wine

Ice Wine.png








This wine is dessert by itself. Available in 375ml bottles only, a little goes along way. Ice Wine is a sweet and rich wine made from grapes left to naturally freeze on the vine. The frozen grapes were then gently pressed, yielding a concentrated juice from which the wine is made. The nose and the taste is that of ripe peaches, mango apricots, honey, raisins, and a hint of violets. While the finished wine is actually sweeter than the grape juice of a normal harvest, the sweetness is matched to a mouthful of fruit flavors that just won’t quit. Note: this wine is only available in a 375ml bottle.

Demi - Sec


Demi-Sec is a fresh semi-dry “German style” white wine bursting with floral and apple fruit character that is sure to delight the senses.  Serve well chilled by itself or with lighter fare.



Med Dry Apple Cider


Rodeo Star ciders combine premium fruit and modern techniques to deliver a flavorful rendition of an ancient beverage. Today, cider is enjoying renewed popularity as people discover the pleasure of consuming this flavorful and refreshing beverage. Our family has been making fermented beverages since the early 1970’s, including many natural fruit wines. We began making hard ciders in 2005, primarily for breweries interested in an alternative to beer for their patrons. Over the years we have perfected the blend of fruit and the process, allowing us to deliver a crisp and fresh tasting cider that is loaded with fruit flavor.

Rodeo Star Cider is a medium-dry traditional hard apple cider with a crisp and refreshing finish.

Cherry Hard Cider


DUO Cherry hard apple medium-dry blends of apple and cherry or blueberry ciders that have a distinctive fruit character.



Dry Hard Cider


DUO Dry hard apple cider